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Never's End

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December 25th, 2006

04:25 am - Feliz Natal
E mais um capítulo foi postado. Estamos no capítulo 3, já. O link é o mesmo do post anterior.

Além disso, temos um especial de Natal de SK.


Feliz Natal a todos.
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December 24th, 2006

01:40 am - Mais um Capítulo
A quem possa interessar:

Mais um capítulo de DK4 foi postado na lista da Exodus.

Pode ser encontrado no site da Exodus também:

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December 11th, 2006

12:39 am - DK
Para os interessados, o capítulo 1 de DK4 foi publicado na lista de discussões da Exodus. Quem quiser se juntar a ela, acesse o site:

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November 26th, 2006

03:48 am - SK
E agora eu acabei de escrever SK40, e por consequência, a segunda série de SK.

Vou subir na Exodus. Quem quiser, deixe uma mensagem aqui.
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November 24th, 2006

09:55 pm - SK
Em português.

A quem possa interessar, estou na metade do episódio 40 de SK. Sim, eu estou terminando a segunda temporada. (Largar WoW criou uma quantia absurda de tempo livre.)

Depois disso, eu vou brincar de novo no universo de DK.

Alguém quer brincar de pre-reader para os episódios novos de SK?
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11:02 am - Back Again
Well, back again. And nearly four weeks with no WoW. I feel good.

Just dropped by to let all of you in this wonderful quote:

"Sorry. I don't listen to country music."
- Joey DeMaio on Metallica
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October 29th, 2006

11:03 am - Elections
On my fifth day with no WoW.

And today is Elections' day. I had this witty, extremely eloquent post about this, but I'm just not in the mood to write it down. Suffice to say that I am against Lula in some very fundamental ways. I have been ever since I first saw him, and I'll keep my position until he does something extraordinary to change my mind.

I'd really like Alckmin to get elected but, really, I'm realistic. The chances are slim, and ol' four fingers will probably hold the power for another four years. He will screw up a lot more this time around-- he's once prepared team is now all gone, and Lula, trusting no one, will try to solve all the problems based on his own intuition.

But, hey, we'll see how it turns out. And when everything go down in flames, I'll be standing and saying to every single PT supporter around: "Told you so."

I also found some interesting information on the Seven Deadly Sins, Lucifer and some other concepts which I am planning on using for this tale I'm working on. I'll post on that later.
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October 26th, 2006

06:37 pm - The Price of Freedom
First of all, I'm WoW-free for two days now.

The topic of the day is freedom. Freedom is a word that is used easily -- maybe too easily -- by anyone who claims that their way is the right way, and that people that are being stopped from doing the same are not free. But, really, is there freedom anywhere?

It's hard to talk about true freedom, as it's impossible to be so.

But let's start from the beginning.

I used to think that the Internet was a pile of stinking shit to look for reliable, factual information. That never stopped me from looking, and some topics (pop culture, technology as a whole) would prove to be somewhat more accurate and reliable than others (such as mathematics, politics and history). Simply put, stuff that was a general topic of interest would be easily available from numerous sources, and it was easy to find out what was right and what was not.

Awesome, cool. What does that have to do with freedom? You mean that the ability to post innacurate information was making you believe that the internet was free?

No, of course not. The internet was never free, in as much as you would always have some censorship points between you and the information: the ISP that connected you could easily ban sites, the ISP that hosted the information could easily ban sites, and the governments declared some time ago that the internet was their territory, based on where the servers containing the information were physically held. (Which is why there's so many crack and pirate websites based on Russia and nearby countries -- the place's hell itself for copyrights.)

Well. So, what's the point?

The point is that I thought that the internet was an unreliable source of information until I found Wikipedia. (www.wikipedia.org)

Well, shit. Look at that. An online, open database of information about, well, anything. With mostly unbiased and accurate articles on some of the tough cookies from the rest of the internet.

Want examples?


Now, try to find some concise and clear explanations on the above on Google.

And I thought that I had finally found a definitive source of informations for me. After all, if someone screwed up, the other millions of viewers would step in and fix. As such, we would have a place where the general consensus (and thus, reality -- no matter what you think, what the majority thinks is what will be considered right) could be found.

And then, I came across something there.


Well, well. Seems like information is not so free here. On topics that the general consensus has some very differing opinions (as well as those that generate strong emotions in people), Wikipedia was forced to lock down the article for user only editing. Thus, effectvely creating a "Censorship Tool" in a supposedly open community. If you have to identify yourself, you won't post your sexual experiences with Paris Hilton, or your personal analysys on Hitler's capacity as a charismatic leader or artist.

However, those mechanisms are necessary to keep a filter to prevent people of overstepping their bounds. After all, you could also post on Paris Hilton's entry that she's a failure, a bitch, a whore, or a goddess. And you could post the same on Hitler's entry.

And that would also break down the idea of objective and common sense in Wikipedia. Thus, the censorship was a tool to cut off extreme positions, and to maintain the information that is generally accepted... Even if not the whole truth. Remember, what the population accepts as right is right. No matter what you personally think.

Which brings us to the question I raised initially:

Is ther freedom anywhere?

The answer is short and bitter sweet: No.

You will not find free information, you will not find free people.

What's generally accepted as "freedom" is the good, old declaration of Human Rights. You are free to go and come as you please, to believe in whatever you want, to associate with whoever you want.

Well, guess what. That doesn't happen anywhere. When the USA break into Iraq and impose their culture there, they are breaking the Iraqis' right to believe in whatever they want. When there's a law that prevents you from killing someone, your freedom is being diminished. When I'm not allowed into a high security government building, yes, my freedom of movement is being destroyed.

More than that, the existance of an ego prevents someone from being free on a much more fundamental level.

And you know what? That's all right. Because for someone to be totally free, another person would have to lose their freedom. I think the closest beings to ever be free would be the Kings and Queens of old times. Absolutely powerful, and with a legion of people enslaved to them.

Now, the issue with that is to measure how much of your rights are being taken from you, and how much are you getting in return. While it's nice to be protected against the possibility of being murdered, it's not so nice to see tortured prisioners in a war.

And, on my opinion, that's why there must always be those who strive for true freedom from the system in which we live (like Bansky, for example, or the eternally rebellious Alan Moore), to allow us to always keep in mind that the concept of freedom does exist, and that we must never give up too much on it, least we end up living in a dystopian society, controlled by laws and bodies so strict that would put the Big Brother to shame.
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October 25th, 2006

10:09 pm - Confession

I feel kind of embarassed about posting here after such a long hiatus. I wish I had a good reason for it but, really, I don't.

I suppose this is the moment where I step up to the centre of the room and say:

"My name is Henrique and I am a World of Warcraft addict."

And this is where everybody (if anybody) answers:

"Hello Henrique!"

And I go on:

"I am without World of Warcraft for a full day. I left yesterday during a Molten Core run with my guild and friends, mostly to placate Denise (I thought of her as Therithy, her character -- how sad), and realized that she was right. That my whole life was gone, and that I was living Triant's life."

The sad thing, it's true. I've hardly produced anything over the last twelve months, and it's mostly due to a World of Warcraft addiction. No writing, no scripting, no thinking. After I decided that I was going to take a break (to clean my system), I felt much, much better. I don't know, it's as if a weight was removed from my shoulders. I suddenly didn't need to go to a run to get the last two pieces of Triant's Nightslayer set. I didn't matter if said rogue had a higher DPS (Damage Per Second) than me, or if we were or not going to slay the black dragon, Onyxia, on Friday.

I felt... free.

Last time I felt that way was in London, where I couldn't play WoW.

My mood improved a lot today, and I spent the day trying, hard, not to think about World of Warcraft. I managed to not access any websites related to it, and to not dwell on anything related to the game for longer than 5 seconds.

It is a personal victory.

Will I play again?

Maybe. It is fun.

I just need to take care as to not let it rule my life again. I can't give up Henrique and become Triant again. I can't allocate all my free hours on a game that will, ultimately, lead me nowhere. If I go back to playing WoW, it will be for the Expansion, for the sense of wonder that going somewhere new gave me. It will be for my spare hours on weekend or Friday nights -- only when I don't have friends or anyone to have fun with. I will not play it to make my character the "most uber thing ever". I must not let it run my life again.

I am going to write. It will be a good exercise to let go of my addiction. Not all my nights -- I will give Denise more attention now. But I will get back to my writing projects on weekends, and I will develop something original, and, hopefuly, publish it. Who knows. I feel as if there's something skirting on the edge of my conscience, but still beyond my grasp. I feel as if many concepts are fighting on my brain, trying to come down as something unique and solid to write. I will also go back to writing SK and DK. I' probably will not start any new fanfic projects, but I will go on with those. I need to. I feel a debt to all the people who mail me about them. Even after all this time, there's still those who read and ask about my stories.

I have some new strong influences on my writing-- but that's something for another day. I suppose I'll have days to catch up on writing here.

Still, there is something I feel the need to discuss. It starts a bit specifically on Brazil, but I think it is a lesson that can be learned by all.

I went to a Wal Mart earlier today, when I got out of work. I needed to buy mustard, shampoo and a new pair of scissors for Denise. (Again, I nearly wrote down Therithy.)

So, I was walking in there, trying to figure out what they did wrong. I mean, Wal Mart is huge in the US, in Mexico. How could it be so ridiculously small in Brazil after 11 years around here? When I got to the cashier, I think it hit me. The cashier was so nice, so receptive, that I felt like I was being serviced by a Mc Donald's attendant.

And that's how Mc Donald's became so huge here, and that's how Wal Mart will overdo Pao de Acucar and all the others chains.

And they were smart. Because they bought the North-East's largest market chain (Bompreco) and will slowly switch to their branding, securing foothold on a place where the other big chains didn't get to. They will also gain strength when dealing with suppliers, and will, eventually, be able to hit the same pricing that the other chains are able to.

I think, really, that in a few years, Wal Mart will conquer most of the brazilian market. Except, maybe, for Sao Paulo and the South. For those, they will need to create a "elite" brand of stores, much like Pao de Acucar is. (Pao de Acucar has a "popular" arm called "Extra") But, considering they had the insight of doing what they did so far, that will probably happen as soon as they attain a better pricing with suppliers, and a negotiation strength similar to Pao de Acucar.

Which finally made me understand why everyone claim that Sun Tzu's The Art of War is so important for executives. The planning for a succesful company is very similar to a war plan. In all aspects: knowing your opponent, exploiting weaknesses. The truth is, there is a limited amount of capital in a given place, and if a company plans on growing as much as possible, it needs to get resources that are currently allocated to other companies. You need to conquer your enemies' territory, need to drive him off the area, need to weaken and starve him.

And that leads me to believe even more in something: Brazil will never grow as much as the Anglo-Saxon countries, or as the far Eastern countries. There's simply a war-like influence deeply mixed in those cultures, which just make them capable of focusing and growing. The companies that grow and prosper on those warring territories are simply stronger than whatever can hope to sprout in places with a peaceful culture, like Brazil or Mexico. Peaceful in the sense that they would only war when deeply provoked.

Then the Americans reading this will say: "But we're not war-like people!" No? Let us, then, supply you with a couple of examples to prove my point. For the US example, I'll simply say: Iraq. There was no attack from Iraq, there was nothing that sparked the agression from the US, except for rumors. I could also cite Vietnam and so many others.

Now, for the Brazilian example. Let us talk about Petrobras and Bolivia.

For the uniformed, Petrobras is a huge and very profitable government owned company here in Brazil, focused on the extraction and production of fuel. It's hugely succesful, and has extracting points and gas stations all over the Latin America. Well. About six months ago, Bolivia elected a new president, who declared that evey single extraction facility or gas station in Bolivia was their property now. They also invaded all said structures with their army and positioned their armed forces on the borders with Brazil. Most of the "acquired" facilities were Petrobras property. We are talking here of a few billion dollars of investment. Were it a US company, I'm sure Bolivia would already be a smoking heap of nuclear waste, cleared from their new socialist president for the implementation of a "new and free" government, whose elections the US would oversee closely. All in name of freedom. As it is a Brazilian company, President Lula understood Bolivia's problems, and said that Brazil would proceed to buy the fuel extracted with Petrobras' former facilities.

Pretty ridiculous, eh?

Let's just say that it's this frame of mind that will make Brazil an eternal third world country.
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April 17th, 2006

06:18 pm - Back.
Yes, I'm back. For today, anyway.

Been busy. Very, very busy.

Busy at work. Won't go into details, but it has been stressful. King Kong was our biggest release this year, and it was a lot of trouble. All was well in the end, though.

Chico, my assistant, is now living in London. An opportunity for a 3 month transfer to the Head Office popped, and I had to let it pass. I suggested him as a replacement there, and they accepted. I'm glad for him, even if I'll be busy as hell by myself. I will, however, attend an Operations Conference in London in June. Will be there for 9 days, 4 of them will be free for touring. It'll be nice. Seems like I'll be staying at a castle. Really, really nice.

My script, mentioned a few (one or two) posts ago was approved. It's one of the three being done by my class. I'll direct it, of course, but my current trouble is reviewing it and getting it ready for decouping. Still, it'll be finished by November.

Finally, at World of Warcraft, I'm still going strong. Nearly finished my Tier 0 armor, have a few epics here and there, learned how to craft some epics... Nice stuff. Also been through some guilds since the beginning of the year, and finally settled with Heavens Light. They seem like nice people.

I gotta go. I'll try to post here more often, but I can't really promise much.
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